There are many options for donating to the Church. You can make an outright gift that assures you current tax deductions and allows us to use the gift now for our pressing needs. Or you can give a deferred gift for our ultimate use that assures you a current tax deduction plus many other benefits. Below is a chart of ways you might considering making a financial gift to our church.

To donate stock, please refer to this page. For our Gift Acceptance Policy, please click here.

Type of Gift                         Your Benefit                           Our Benefits

Cash                                    Tax deduction                        Immediate use for our needs

Security Proceeds                Tax deduction                         Immediate use of proceeds
                                           Tax avoidance on gain

Life Insurance Policy           Current and possible future    Ultimate use of policy proceeds
                                            tax deduction 

Bequest                               Estate tax savings                     Ultimate use of gift

Charitable Remainder         Life income                             Ultimate use of gift

Trust                                  Tax deduction                         After your lifetime and any beneficiary
                                          Tax avoidance on gain
                                          Estate tax savings