Outreach Groups

The groups or committees described below focus on outreach to the wider community. Your involvement is welcomed. Contact us to learn more.


The SCC Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee meets regularly to direct and organize most of the outreach activities of the church. Using help from throughout the congregation and beyond, this committee is able to accomplish a tremendous amount of good. In addition to its “hands on” projects, the committee is in charge of deciding which nonprofit organizations the church will support through monetary donations.

The SCC Guild Circles

The Guild Circles continue a 75-year tradition of women’s fellowship, serving the needs of the church and the wider community. The Guild organizes and runs clothing sales three times each year. Income from these sales and from donations supports Guild outreach benevolences, as well as funding our church. The Guild is an active member of the Scarsdale-Hartsdale Interfaith Council. Guild membership is unconditionally extended to all women of the church.


Youth Action Committee

The Youth Action Committee (YAC) is made up of high school students who are interested in volunteering their time for community service projects. We recognize that high schoolers are busy, so the group’s meetings are action-oriented and not lengthy. YAC projects focus on addressing the problems of hunger and homelessness and the plight of the Oglala Lakota Native Americans. In November, YAC coordinates a community-wide food drive to supply the local interfaith food bank, of which we are a founding member. YAC coordinates and participates in a Midnight Run every January to distribute clothing and food to the homeless of New York City. Every other year, members of YAC have spent their spring vacations renovating homes for the Oglala Lakota tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Senior Youth Fellowship

The Senior Youth Fellowship (SYF) is an interfaith peer support and enrichment group for high school students. SYF meets Sunday evenings throughout the school year. Weekend retreats, outings and community service make SYF a highly beneficial group for teens in the community. This group is open to the public. Visitors are always welcome.