Thank you for considering a donation to our church. Your generosity is critical to the church and its mission, programs and commitment to the community.

Annual Pledge

The SCC Stewardship Campaign welcomes donations year-round. Click here to learn more about our campaign and click here for a pledge card estimating your annual contribution.  During the Sundays leading up to Commitment Sunday, members of the church have volunteered to tell why they started to come to the SCC, and why they continue to come to this church. You can listen to their remarks here…

November 18th - Trustee of Resources, Ben Speight
November 25th - Mike Menkes
December 2nd - Trustee of Human Resources, Melissa Begg

Donation or Memorial Gift

We welcome your donation or memorial gift through online payment via PayPal. Please click the button below to donate:

Capital Campaign

Our multi-year Capital Campaign is underway. Click here to learn more about the Capital Campaign. Please help secure our future by clicking here to make a pledge to the Capital Campaign.


Bequests are transformative to the church’s mission. When planning your estate, please consider including the church in your will. Click here for a SCC Capital Campaign Bequest Pledge form.


Give the gift of live flowers for Sunday worship. Click here for a flower donation form.

FAIR & Garage Sale Donations

If you are interested in donating merchandise to our legendary November Fair, March Clothing Sale or May Garage Sale, please see our donation guidelines.

Please read our Gift Acceptance Policy. To learn about different ways of donating and their benefits, click here.


The Gift of Time

Use Sign Up Genius to sign up as a host for Coffee Hour on a Sunday after worship or as a Greeter or Usher for a worship service. For directions on how to perform these tasks, click the appropriate link:

How to Host Coffee Hour
How to Be a Greeter
How to Be an Usher

Generosity of spirit can be practiced many ways. At SCC volunteer opportunities exist in Outreach, volunteering at our Sales (November Fair, March Clothing Sale or May Garage Sale) or in our many other committees, projects and activities. Please click here for a form indicating your interest in volunteering at SCC.