Donating Stock

A pledge of appreciated stock can be an easy and beneficial way to pledge. Stock donations are very attractive to donors because they are deductible at their full market value, without having to pay capital gains taxes. For questions about the potential tax advantages of donating appreciated securities, please consult your accountant or tax advisor.

The quickest way to affect a transfer of stock to SCC is to send the shares to our Fidelity account through a DTC transfer. Please contact the Finance Office for instructions.

If you hold the stock certificate, follow these instructions:

  • If the stock certificates are in your name, you will need: (1) the stock certificate(s), (2) a letter from you formally donating the stock to the Church with an explanation of how the funds are to be allocated, and (3) an irrevocable stock/bond power transferring the stock to The Scarsdale Congregational Church.
  • If stock certificates are in the Church's name, you will need the first two items listed above.