Memory Garden


The Phillip and Nancy Washburn Memory Garden is adjacent to the Sanctuary. It was designed by a local architect and dedicated in 2007. A brick piazza surrounded by trees and flowers, the Memory Garden is a peaceful extension of our Sanctuary. It is both a columbarium (a repository for cremated remains) and a memorial site for those buried elsewhere. As a place to celebrate both the joys and sorrows of life, this space is also available for many types of church activities.
The use of church grounds for burial is an old and honored tradition, especially among the Protestant churches of colonial New England. It developed out of the desire to be buried in sacred ground, to remain close to one's spiritual community, and to offer a quiet place of remembrance and contemplation.

Members and friends of the Church may participate in the Washburn Garden in a variety of ways. Reservations may be made for the burial of ashes in the lawn of the Garden or in a niche within the stone benches. Persons buried off premises may be memorialized with a bronze plaque. Outright gifts for the maintenance of the garden are welcomed. Please contact the Church Office to learn more. You may also download a brochure about the Memory Garden.