An Open and Affirming Church - Warmly Welcoming all of God's Children

Rev. Kelly Hough Rogers and Rev. Joya Colon-Berezin reciving ashes on Ash Wednesday.

Rev. Kelly Hough Rogers and Rev. Joya Colon-Berezin reciving ashes on Ash Wednesday.

Whether you are searching or refining your faith, 

Whether you are just starting your spiritual journey or are a long-time traveler,

Whether your roots are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, or none at all,

You are invited to participate in whatever way you wish, to whatever extent you wish,

You are warmly welcomed.  Please join us!


SCC’S Theme

SCC’s theme for this year is "Radical Welcome.” Radical welcome is first and foremost a spiritual practice. It combines the Christian ministry of welcome and hospitality with a faithful commitment to doing the theological, spiritual and systemic work to eliminate historic, systemic barriers that limit the genuine embrace of groups generally marginalized in mainline churches (young adults, the poor, LGBT people, people of color, people with disabilities). We will explore this theme by reflecting on Biblical stories, and engaging the mission of our church as a Spiritual Home for all. At SCC, we believe that God welcomes all to God’s Holy Table. We practice Open Communion and worship. You are welcome no mater who you are or where you are on life’s journey. This year, we are revitalizing our Youth Programming to go along with our already strong Children’s Ministries. We will incorporate music, singing, art, drama, cooking, and service as ways of learning throughout the year. Please join us Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

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Programs for Youth

Our church school year will be filled with fun (activities) and faith (formation). We hope to explore questions of spirituality and meaning; continue to gain familiarity with the Bible; grow in friendship; and much more. As in past years, we are fortunate to have a team of very committed and gifted church school teachers, who will helping to lead creative lessons each week. We also hope to welcome aboard a new group of confirmands as classroom assistants this year.

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